First meeting of the Orange Cat Society (OCS)

One report of the mysterious, illusive Orange Cat Society.


About 6 months ago I moved into a trailer park where I and my furry faced friends could live together in relative comfort.  Up until this last move I had been unaware of the Orange Cat Society and its many benefits.  At first, during the initial settling-in, I continued in my ignorance, but I was soon to be made aware.

I was introduced to the Ambassador of the OCS on a quiet afternoon.  I was enjoying the fine weather when I noticed a large orange tomcat sitting on the ramp up to my front door.  Once I had noticed him I became concerned about his appearance; he was some what scruffy in appearance.  He was very aloof.  I have enjoyed the company of orange cats throughout my life to I was able to recognize the importance of the Ambassador and encouraged an opening dialogue.

I realized that refreshments were called…

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