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20140101_160710_v3 C.J. Prince, Author and Poet

The first thing I thought when I met C. J. about two years ago was “Who are you and how do I get to know you more?”  Love at first sight you might say.  Her colorful personality, bubbling energy and big smile are completely addicting.

This August she released her new poetry book “Mother, May I”.   Reviews are already out:

“A brilliant, intricately woven rendition of stigmas, family rules, love and pain that stains the soul.”  ~Una Bruhns, Poet, Creative Writer, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“…In this autobiographical collection abounding in images from BB guns to drowned kittens, the shadow cast by her mother, “born too early for the age of Aquarius,” inhabits the pages either as a bodily presence, a memory, or as a ghost who is “not here” but “everywhere…” ~Paul Fisher, Bellingham, Washington, author of Rumors of Shore


Congratulations on the release of…

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There was a nip of fall in the air.  Three golden leaves fell at my feet as I walked to the Community Center for the first ever Creekside Open Mic in Sudden Valley.  Too soon, says one.  Oh, for rain, sighs another.  Seasons change as something new begins.

Carol McMillan, poet and author, conceived of the idea and in the next moment it was happening.  Many poets drove from Bellingham to perform, including Elizabeth Cardarelli, Sam Bouic and Jim Milstead.  Local poets included yours truly.  Laurel Leigh performed a riveting short story.  Sudden Valley residents turned out with enthusiasm.

Creekside Open Mic will meet the third Wednesday of the month from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Writing Solo, Publishing with the village.


 Peachy Prince

The Muse swirls in, her rainbow scarfs shimmering.  

She whispers and is gone.  Catch it if I can.

That’s the solo part of writing.  The inhaling of words, the exhaling through the pen.

Collecting them, reading them, refining them, that all begins to engage the village.

Once I decide to publish some of the poems, I am helpless without the assistance

of others.  I am so grateful to all who helped me launch “Mother, May I?”

“Mother, May I?”

I am so delighted to tell you that my new poetry book “Mother, May I?” is now available at You need to put in both the title and my name to bring up the link. When there are enough hits, it should come up readily with either. For now, use both. Thank you all for your energy in my life.

Mother May I v3a (1)