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MOVIE REVIEW: Is Violence Funny?

IS VIOLENCE FUNNY? If you read  any of my reviews, you know I avoid violent films or close my eyes.  However, the action in Reds 2 is so fast paced, I didn’t have time to close my eyes before the … Continue reading

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Lone Ranger, A Comedy?

Get out of the heat.  Go to a movie. My husband and I have 180 interests in flicks.  So, we go through the listing in the Bellingham Herald.  Yes. No.  No. Yes.  And so on.  Finally I say, “Okay, I’ll … Continue reading

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A Curious Account of a Reading with Mlle Lenormand

Originally posted on Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog:
I found a long and ultimately very disturbing account of Mlle Lenormand, written only a month after her death in the summer of 1843, by one Georgina Colmache (identification of G.C. is…

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