Elegy for Enid Prince


Elegy for Enid Prince


Enid is sunlight splashing

through the open kitchen window,

the scent of lemon blossoms

on the breath of her two-year old

giggle.  She is a tower of strength,

a castle without a moat,

a daughter, sister, cousin, niece,

friend, mother, wise woman.


Her spirit rushes

through plunging waterfalls,

cleansing the dross of earth.

She is a mountain

where eagles fly above.

Gone now to a place

of love,

leaving a place

where she was loved.


Her spirit rises

like a dragonfly

above the lake,

leaving us all

with a tsunami

in our hearts.

Wings of gold

surround her.

We are left

with the memory

of a rainbow, colors

that will never fade

from our minds.

Love crosses all barriers,

remains constant.

C.J. Prince