31 AUGUST 2013

And so we have August, collected now, released into the unseen collection of cyber traps and speeding meteors.  Enjoy.


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My crystal ball sits dark,

Collects dust.

I am afraid to look.


The marmalade cat purrs,

Wraps a paw around my neck.

Rain falls on  truth.


C.J. Prince

30 AUGUST 2013


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He squints, checks

The archeology of her face.

She turns her head

Into the shadow

Of a blue striped umbrella,

Sips her martini.

He reaches for her jeweled hand.

They both know,

This future can’t happen.


What’s the difference

between a soul and a ghost?


C.J. Prince

Copyright 2013

29 AUGUST 2013

Almost finished with August, so one more to come, Dear Ones.


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Black wolf comes on dark wings,

Just as I stumble into the abyss

Of deep sleep,


The shadow side

Where no angels flutter.


You show me the truth.

I do not remember.


   C.J. Prince


AUGUST 28, 2013

Before the end of November, I shall post the poems of August.




What if you stick your head

Outside the universe

Where no hibiscus blooms?

You might discover something.

But you retreat into the abyss

And blend in with zombies.

You are stifled by fear.

   Only an angel can save you.

   C.J. Prince


AUGUST 26, 2013

While some yearn for desert, I am content near water, a lake, a bay, an ocean, a waterfall.  Water soothes the essence of my soul.


The lake, chronic gray in winter,

Grabs a platter of sky,

Stretches a skin as smooth

As sunset on a virgin’s thigh.


   C.J. Prince



AUGUST 25, 2013

Unexpected moments reveal poetry.  Common occurrences hold equal magic when pen dips to paper.


An eye for an eye.

My blue meets your brown.

You pluck it, a glass orb

Rolls, a simple marble

In your palm.

Wind flickers the gaping gouge

In your face.

Do you cease to see?

Or do you see within?

   C.J. Prince


AUGUST 24, 2013

August was National Postcard Poetry Month and ever so much fun to meet the challenge of writing and mailing a postcard every day.  However, many things have occurred in my life and I have not had time to finish posting the month’s accumulation.  I’ll get a few up today.



She walks alone to the ocean,

Sea mist on her cheeks.

Alone, past the hedge,

Winding through ice plants

On rolling sand dunes.


She walks alone as rain falls

On soft white sand,

Alone with her memories

At the end of the lane.


   C.J. Prince



Ice plant growing on a sand dune.


Catching up on my August poems which scattered in the dust of midsummer madness.  Thanks for staying tuned.


Greek Muses

You get an invitation from the Muse.

A poem a day?

Piece of cake.

The Word Queen herself is at your side.

Rock the stanzas.

Let it rip.


You did not count on your beloved’s

Sudden surgery, hospital days,

Waiting and waiting for diagnosis.

And then the words you can’t spell.


Writing a poem a day is not a piece of cake.

It is a lifeline to sanity.


   C.J. Prince


Will History Repeat Itself?



On her second honeymoon,

she wished the sun wasn’t round,

wasn’t untouchable.

She begged the storyteller

but it was forbidden.

She rubbed sage on her breasts,

chanted to the full moon,

sat full lotus at lake’s edge.

  Would she find bliss when he left?

  Meteors streak the sky.


  C.J. Prince


   Bellingham, WA