The March Hare Has His Reasons




The March Hare trips Demeter,

grabs Persephone,

leaps over the Lion,

scurries past the Ides,

pauses at the end of the rainbow

and speeds off, yelling “I’m late.

i have a date with the April Fool.”

                    C.J. Prince


World Poetry Day

MARCH 21 is World Poetry Day.

Beginning with a UNESCO proclamation in 1999, March 21 has been designated as a day for cultural organizations, schools, libraries, and publishers worldwide to celebrate the art of poetry. The day is meant to “support poetry, return to the oral tradition of poetry recitals, promote teaching poetry, and restore a dialogue between poetry and the other arts.”
As Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova has said, “Poetry is one of the purest expressions of linguistic freedom. It is a component of the identity of peoples and it embodies the creative energy of culture, for it can be continuously renewed.”
In celebration of poetry around the world, please take a moment to learn more about the sampling of other poetry organizations and festivals listed below. 
We also invite you to keep the celebration going, by joining us in celebrating National Poetry Month every April. Download a free copy of this year’s official poster. 



When faeries dance rainbows around the full moon,

when the young lad tidies your garden,
when well being abounds,
you circle in ceremony, grateful.
    ~C.J. Prince