Twenty Five Years Ago Today

Most people will be focusing on the 50 Year Anniversary of The Beatles n the Ed Sullivan Show.


 However, It was twenty five years ago that overrides that first memory.  Someone had the bright idea to reproduce the TV show as a stage show in Denver.  I heard about it and then forgot about it.  Obviously my talent wasn’t something that would fit into any of those roles.

The phone rang.  I listened carefully, frowned, glanced at Michael, my performance partner, shrugged and said yes.

“They want us.  I said.  “On that Ed Sullivan reproduction gig.”

“Really.  Doing what?”

“As the dancing bear act.”  Again I shrugged.


I nodded, unsure I’d mde the right decision.

“Who’s who?” he asked.

“Well, they have the bear costume.  Whoever fits, I guess.  Probably me.  Think you want to train me?”

We both laughed.

“So, we’ll have to practice because I hate those costumes.  You can’t see a bloody thing.”

“Want me to do it?  I did that commercial in costume,” he said.

“I think you’d be a better trainer, don’t you?  They have the costume for that too.”

So, 25 years ago tonight, I was the bear and Michael was the trainer.  As forgettable as the original act, I imagine.

But we did love the Beatles.  The show must go on.