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The Dependability of Geese

Get your ducks in a row, she said. I’d rather gather a gaggle of geese, snow white bellies settling on Skagit flatland. My ducks scatter. I depend on geese in rotating formation.  My turn, your turn. As above, so below. C.J. … Continue reading

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Spin the Wheel

  Summer Sister dances, a flighty faerie step, arms outstretched to the universes. She pulls down spiral threads to honor Lugh’s mother, connects webs from her fingertips along the wheel of the year, Lughnassahd to Equinox, Samhain to Yule. We … Continue reading

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Find the Centre

Two swords in opposition, east to west, gleaming in sunlight between heaven and earth. The sky swirls like peacock feathers.  Lightning rumbles underground. Mindfulness brings peace. C.J. Prince      

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