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Hands Pull Together

    Left over right, not too tight. Hands strong. Together we weave our rope. Let us tether the present to the future, feet firmly on the safety of the past. We are responsible for Peace. C.J. Prince ©2017 Advertisements

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Resister or Resistor?

Words and spelling catch my eye.  What am I?  What words do I use to express current feelings and explorations?  I see the word “resistor” on social media and it looks wrong.  I went to several dictionaries. resistor [ri-zis-ter] noun, … Continue reading

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Soul of the Northwest

  Big leaf maple,  Acer macrophyllum, leaves shine sugar coated. Alive in a hundred shades of green, I am the Northwest, soul of the planet. Catch a raindrop. Tip your chin up. Drink sky water. Splash into the lake. Mystery lies … Continue reading

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The Dependability of Geese

Get your ducks in a row, she said. I’d rather gather a gaggle of geese, snow white bellies settling on Skagit flatland. My ducks scatter. I depend on geese in rotating formation.  My turn, your turn. As above, so below. C.J. … Continue reading

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Postcard to Unknown Friend

    Dear Stranger Poet, Or is it Poet Stranger? How goes it?  Stuck on words?  I am leaf green and sometimes blue. I need sleep, not nightmares. I spend my time trying to write to you. Hope you are … Continue reading

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Snowden’s Lament

      When the laptop sleeps, deep as Loch Ness, rainbows, truth and corruption hum beneath the surface like an ocean.  Does it grab my meridians through that cyclops eye? Dilemma of being known, exposed or hiding in a … Continue reading

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Find the Centre

Two swords in opposition, east to west, gleaming in sunlight between heaven and earth. The sky swirls like peacock feathers.  Lightning rumbles underground. Mindfulness brings peace. C.J. Prince      

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