How to Enter a New Year & New Decade

flock of birds flying over islet
14 January 2020
Greetings, peeps, peoples, friends, neighbors, relatives and all who stumble upon my words,
A new year, a new decade, and endless stellar alignments guide me to contemplation. 
Thus, I think retreat, pull in my radar, retract tentacles, be a turtle. 
No social media.  No mail. No phone.  How delightful.  Off the grid, but never really out of sight.
An island might suffice.  Paddle a canoe into a lagoon, gather seashells and bathe in the rays of the sun.  Now, if you know me at all, you know that is ridiculous.  A classic fantasy.  When you have spotted, pink skin, you just don’t think like that. 
An island comes to mind as remote, isolated, disconnected from everything.
Not really a choice I yearn toward.
I consult the stars, throw the cards, swing the pendulum, toss the I Ching.  It’s quite obvious that an island experience will be a meditation, an enlightenment, a precursor, an exploration into the unknown.
I am my own gypsy fortune teller, an inner guru that chuckles and says, “why not?”  The angels are always with me.
Now, I am home after a fortnight of sizzling weather, steep hills and new night sounds.  Here, with the wood burning stove briskly flaming while snow falls, I must assess extremes.  The stillness at home will bring new haiku, in high contrast to what I wrote on an island.
What I want to say, if our paths crossed, if you listened to my poetry, if we visited on an airplane, if I didn’t know you at all and you’re a friend of a friend, and we connected on social media, any way,
there is a connection for which I am grateful.
The numbers change:  2020.  We all will expand, make choices and have the opportunity for laughter.  Even when there is sadness, there is laughter that fills our lungs and for that moment let’s us breathe.
Bright blessings in all you do.

World Peace Write-In

C.J. Prince and Carla Shafer, coordinators of World Peace Poets Write-In, met at the Firehouse Cafe to write.C.J. Prince and Carla Shafer, coordinators of World Peace Poets, met at Firehouse Cafe to write about the subject at the back of all our minds:  PEACE.

Is it possible?  What keeps us from it?  Where do we begin?  Begin here, right now, write now.  Wherever you are, tune into the inside, not the outside, and find the vertical thread of peace that stills the mind, calms the anxiety and connects to the universe.  Just now.  Peace be with you.

Equinox Astrology — Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Autumn Equinox arrives September 23 the astrology chart indicates the next 3 months. It is a fated time to let go of the past Patriarchal structures and move into our feeling function with the Moon In her ruling sign of Cancer sign of women and mothers conjunct the North Node our highest spiritual goal.

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Remembering Dobbie — The Poetry Department . . . aka The Boynton Blog

Dobbie Reese Norris was a poet, philosopher, writer, and raconteur. He left too soon, on May 15, 2019, but his voice will continue to echo in the many communities where he reached poetry audiences. You are invited to join in a celebration in his honor on Sunday, August 11, 2019 4:00-6:00 p.m. at the studio […]

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Remembering Dobbie

Dobbie 1090869


Remembering:         DOBBIE REESE NORRIS

Join us to remember and honor Poet and Philosopher Dobbie Reese Norris

SUNDAY, AUGUST 11th, 2019

4:00-6:00 p.m.

Studio above Wink Wink Boutique (elevator available)

1305 Commercial Street; Bellingham, Washington

You are welcome to read one of Dobbie’s poems or share your poem

or story about Dobbie.

Co-sponsored by:

PoetryNight; Chuckanut Sandstone Writers Theatre, Creekside Open Mic,

World Peace Poets, Valley Writers, Boynton Blog and Wink Wink Boutique.