After Kay Ryan


Say when a blizzard

cannot make

your nostril hairs

more frozen

or it is always

67.4 miles

to town

no matter

the season

whether you

lean forward

over the steering

wheel or try

to relax,

the distance is

always the distance.

The road might

be closed

but you

drive around


the way you

live life.

Even if the donkey

nudges open

the gate and the sheep

follow, even

then at midnight,

you escort them

back to the barn

when you shake

a tin of corn

like a ceremonial rattle.

It is not magic.

Just species

communication.  You

break ice

on the stock

tank.  No

new lambs.  Life

waits until dawn.

If you’re lucky.

Luck is incidental.

You cannot

divine nature’s whims.

C.J. Prince


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Where Earthworms Wait


I could no longer read in those days of the impossible

as the disease leaked through his body like a sieve. The

journeys south to Seattle, the trips north across the border

to British Columbia for some non-FDA approved harsh

treatment.  I drove through rain and sunbreaks, sat in

crowded waiting rooms,  knitting or picking cat hair off my

clothing.  There is no hope but he pretended.  Today I plant

forget-me-nots on his grave.  This endless earth cycle

where earthworms wait.


Spring equinox holds

a cupful of daffodil sunshine.

I plant forget-me-nots

on his grave.

All roads lead deep

beneath soil and grass

where earthworms wait.

C.J. Prince



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Oh, Gosh, your TV is hacked

Such a hubbub today.  Shock and outrage over an old story, perhaps dismissed by purveyors of fake news.  Shift the focus.  Wag the dog.

Glenn Greenwald told the whole story some time ago after intense, cautious and responsible journalism.

I will not take time to rant.  Just get a grip.  Television is rarely a place to seek truth.  The core values of journalism are mucked about and we must be responsible to find the bigger picture.  Go back a few years and read this book.

Take a deep breath, and question everything.

Happy International Women’s Day

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Hands Pull Together




Left over right,

not too tight.

Hands strong.

Together we weave

our rope.

Let us tether the present

to the future,

feet firmly on the safety

of the past.

We are responsible

for Peace.

C.J. Prince


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Resister or Resistor?

Words and spelling catch my eye.  What am I?  What words do I use to express current feelings and explorations?  I see the word “resistor” on social media and it looks wrong.  I went to several dictionaries.


noun, Electricity.
1.  a device designed to introduce resistance into an electric circuit.


listed as the noun for “resist.”
1. to strive to fend off or offset the actions, effects or force of
2.  to remain firm against the actions, effects of for of; withstand
3.  to keep keep from giving in to or enjoying; to offer resistance.  synonym:  oppose


What are you?

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Friday the 13th –

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Soul of the Northwest

BigLeaf maple


Big leaf maple,  Acer macrophyllum,

leaves shine sugar coated.

Alive in a hundred shades of green,

I am the Northwest, soul of the planet.

Catch a raindrop.

Tip your chin up.

Drink sky water.

Splash into the lake.

Mystery lies in downward clouds.

Wait for the midnight owl.

C.J. Prince

Copyright 2016


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