Snowden’s Lament





When the laptop sleeps,

deep as Loch Ness,

rainbows, truth and corruption

hum beneath the surface

like an ocean.  Does it grab

my meridians through

that cyclops eye?

Dilemma of being known, exposed

or hiding in a non-digital forest

speaking poetry to owls.

C.J. Prince



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Find the Centre


Two swords in opposition,

east to west, gleaming

in sunlight between heaven

and earth.

The sky swirls like peacock

feathers.  Lightning

rumbles underground.

Mindfulness brings peace.

C.J. Prince




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The Lord of Words



The Lord of Words

clattered to a halt

in his rickety wagon,

shelves askew, quills and ink,

old type settings, dictionaries

and thesaurus.  Just as I

reached for an ancient

tattered  binding, he urged

his nag forward.

I have been following

his trail ever since.

C.J. Prince


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I went to a garden party party poetry.colleen and harvey

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Attending the Dawn



When did you first listen to the tale of Kephera?

In your grandam’s lap or at the feet of the goddess?

No life exists without the Scarab god Kephera.

Each day he rises from the dung heap of horizon

to ease the solar globe from the clutches of night.


My ancestors and I attend the daily ritual

for no dung heap exists in the galactic center

without the skill of earthworms.

We  are dawn’s assistants

to He Who Raises the Sun,

the Keeper of Cycles of Light and Dark.

It is I who attend the daily alignment of stars.


When you remember Kephera,

Remember me as one of service

to the greater good.

C.J. Prince


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A Kenning of Bones



 moon, bay, tree silhouette

She ken his foot-rhythm

but did not turn.

The opal of the night

would reveal him soon enough.

Before stars succumb to Kephera’s gift,

they will stand unwoven,

sink to silent moss.

Throats cannot contain ecstasy.

C.J. Prince


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The Cycle of A Sock, Part One

cast on in pink yarn

First we must make the needles

from a dowel, like the one that holds

my grandmother’s kitchen curtain.

Sand it very smooth.

Make a clay stopper for the end

and fire it in the oven.


You will know how to do all those things.

Now you have about size 10 needles,

A good practice size.

Of course we could digress to spinning

and plying and dying the yarn.

Instead, buy some mid weight yarn

you absolutely love.  You must love it

around the world and back.

You’ll be seeing it everyday for a while.


I have to show you how to cast on.

Of course there are simplier ways

but learn right the first time.

You’ll never regret it.  Make a loop,

See.  Good.  Slide the loop on one needle.

Now, we have to make a rabbit hole

with yarn in the other hand.

Let the needle chase the bunny.


Okay, I see this is too complicated.

Try this.  Give me those fiddlesticks.

I’ll sand them down so there are no splinters.

You watch how I hold the yarn.

You must check the die lot.

See that little number there

matches this second skein.

Good.  Now I cast on.

72 stitches on three needles.

We’ll discuss the concept of the heel

when we get there.  For now,

just knit.  See. In around, out and off.

Great job.  You’ll get it in no time.

You’re seven.  This is a good summer

project when your hands get fidgety

and you’re tired of adults jabbering.

I learned when I was four.

C.J. Prince


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