What entices your Muse?

I think of her constantly, sometimes with irritation, sometimes, pleading, most often accepting her wily ways and sense of timelessness.  She will wake me in the middle of the night with a string of words that will never be available again.  She lurks in writing groups, surprises when I’m driving.  She is ubiquitous, as fragrant as a stargazer lily and illusive as stars on a cloudy night.

I take every advantage to be alert to her omniscience.   It is I who am forgetful, ignore that little tug of an image, get monkey mind when all I should be is mindful.  So, the invitation to participate in Postcard Poetry Month in August reeled me in.  

For the seventh year poets have written a poem a day and sent it out to a list of 31 other Muse chasers.  As I pondered the delight of a postcard in my mailbox, I also realized that my quirky little off the cuff poem would have only one reader.

SO, I decided to share with you, that which flashes through on a poem that cannot be studied, revised, re-re-written and critiqued.  Write it.  Mail it.  So, here goes.

August 1st



One comment

  1. susanissima · August 7, 2013

    Beautiful work, Cj. You inspire me, make me want to samba with my muse. YOU yourself are incredibly aMUSE-ing, dear.

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