World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2012

Robins bounce along the grass.  Ravens call in the chi.  Sun shines, though heavy clouds lurk over Mt. Stewart. Ducks jabber amid the reeds along the lake.

This is the fourth year that Sudden Valley Tai Chi will participate in the worldwide event.  John usually brings the big gong to start but he is worldwide now.  I bring my new black Rin Gong Bowl.  Everyone gathered takes a turn feeling the energy of sound.

Pam begins with Eight Pieces of Brocade.  I lead us in Tai Chi 24.  Yoko joins me to lead Tai Chi 37 and 108.  We end with the Qigong Standing Like A Tree and then the Qigong closing.   And the sun still shines.  For the last three years on this day, we have practiced in the rain.

Potluck with this group is a feast as usual. 

One breath flowing worldwide, one ancient art form serving humanity to bring harmony and inner peace.  May it be so.


Let’s see, what’s direct and what’s retrograde and when did it all speed up?  Monday…or last Tuesday…or…if there is no time, then I am making it all up, this sense of speed, of inhaling and so much happening before the exhale.   First to acknowledge the wonderful women who came to Tai Chi on Tuesday and the amazing chi-ness of moving together in harmony.  Thank you.

Sudden Valley Tai Chi