“After Earth” Review

One of the promised summer blockbusters:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZIt20emgLY

OK, so I read the reviews.  This movie sucks is the consensus.  Besides that, it’s just not my kind of flick.  However, it was Michael’s birthday. I decided to set aside my research and my prejudices and go to see whatever he chose.  This was second choice.  We went to the new 16 theatre metaplex across from Barkley Village, had yogurt at TCBY while we waited for showtime.

Will Smith is not the star, he’s the support character to real life and on screen son Jadin Smith.  Not since Tom Hank’s “Cast Away” has an actor held the screen for so long.  So, of course it is an epic hero’s journey.  Joseph Campbell would be proud.

The forest setting is so much like Stimpson Reserve that I was convinced it was in my backyard. Except for all those nasty beasts that attack so I closed my eyes.  It was actually shot in the redwoods of Humboldt County.

Are the music and acoustical effects too loud.  Yes.  I strongly recommend earplugs.  Pretend you’re going to a Bruce Springsteen concert.  I didn’t and just pushed my fingers in my ears.  Louder is not better.

This is not the world’s best movie ever made but it’s also not the worst.  I actually enjoyed it.  A coming of age story of the son’s desire to obtain his father’s approval.  (Is this a real life quest translated into allegory?)

So, if you like Will Smith, if you like sci fi, if you want to get off the streets and into a cool theatre, if you want diversion, go see this movie.  Don’t read the reviews.  Just go and have fun.  Let me know what you think.