Lady of Azurite Calls the Shaman April 15, 2014

Today I discard the prompt from NaPoWriMo because these images came so strongly.  Enjoy!


Lady of Azurite Calls the Shaman


Waves of azurite crash unto shore,

recede leaving seaweed and lace.

Anubis takes my hand.

I follow in a trance

up the mountain through deep foliage,

banana trees, birds of paradise,

hibiscus, riotous tropical abundance.


We stand at the top of a cliff.

I turn east, south, west, north

to see below a miniature landscape.

This is perspective, Anubis says.


Selene shimmers down a slice of light

and transports me to her realm.

We sit on the last visible crescent

of a total lunar eclipse.

She nods at earth spinning

light and dark.  This is perspective.


Sothis glides to my side, takes

my hand and we ride on a broom,

reminding  me she has a sense

of humor.  We surpass the speed

of light and land on Sirius.  I survey

the universe in wonder.

This is perspective, she says.


On the wings of Isis, we circle

the earth on her rainbow wings.

Day and night appear and disappear.

We land again as the waves

flow in and out.  This

Is perspective, she says.


I pick up a seashell.


C.J. Prince