DAY 28: Where My Feet Find No Purchase

suspension bridge in clouds

Where My Feet Find No Purchase

I call across the abyss.

You do not hear

as you scurry

hither and yon,

wiping kitchen counters,

grasping at hope,

cleaning toilets,

pursuing vague intuition,

the endless pursuit

of internet healing.

If I build a bridge,

I will need your help.

A suspension bridge

that will sway as we yearn

our bodiesto press

flesh to flesh.

Where are you now,

weeping in the night?

I reach out.

There is no bridge

above the raging waters

of concern, the boiling

lesions that consume.

I have no tears

to stir cement,

only dry fire to

forge steel,

a limited amount

of chi to set

girders, raise

pylons.  Do you

know we need a

a bridge to the

beyond?   I go there

often, visiting

the unseen.

The bridge across

our bed grows


You disappear

beneath down


I feel no comfort,

just a jawbone

rigid as an abutment.

In the muddle of mind

I tiptoe, suspended

between the desire

and the reality, a suspension

that holds nothing.

Strings of a silent harp.

I walk toward

your sighs, my hands

open should you

tolerate touch.

I will fly over the chasm,

touch you when you are ready.

Wherever you go, go safely,

go with guidance

from your Oversoul,

go with the axis

of my love, symmetry

of lifetimes.  When rivers

overflow with tears,

you will sail above the bridge

in moonlight.

I will be there.

~C.J. Prince


Postcard Poetry Festival: August 9th, 2013

This poem came from an interesting writing practice group.  Open the dictionary and look up the page with your first or last name.  Or take the number of the month you were born.   Take the first word at the top of the page and the last word on the page and incorporate into a poem.  Thus comes Alcestis.  This is what happened:


Image credit:  Jade Williams Smith

A trembling of the lip—

Admetus speaks her name.


he shouts into the abyss.

Hades, who burns

for the pomegranate girl,

is ripe for Alcestis too.

On an alp, a wolf pierces


Sacrifice what you will,

Sirius still shines.

C.J. Prince