The Dependability of Geese


Get your ducks in a row, she said.

I’d rather gather a gaggle of geese,

snow white bellies settling

on Skagit flatland.

My ducks scatter.

I depend on geese in rotating

formation.  My turn,

your turn.

As above, so below.

C.J. Prince


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She opens her hand

catching sunlight.

The lines of her palm—

life, love and fortune—

different than the day



Star patterns change,

Water ripples change.

Now changes in her heart.

A gate opens for peace.

C.J. Prince


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If She Does Not See you, Do You See Her?


If She Does Not See you, Do You See Her?

The woman in the mirror

is not trapped

in the looking glass.

The pond, still as a gravestone,

does not reveal her  reflection.

C.J. Prince


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Spin the Wheel



Summer Sister dances,

a flighty faerie step, arms

outstretched to the universes.

She pulls down spiral threads

to honor Lugh’s mother,

connects webs from her fingertips

along the wheel of the year,

Lughnassahd to Equinox,

Samhain to Yule.

We are the amusement park

of watching stars.

C.J. Prince


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Postcard to Unknown Friend



Dear Stranger Poet,

Or is it Poet Stranger?

How goes it?  Stuck

on words?  I am

leaf green

and sometimes blue.

I need sleep,

not nightmares.

I spend my time

trying to write to you.

Hope you are roaming

the alphabet.

Don’t  forget my address.

Things are fragmented.

This place is summer,

rock hot and moon cool.

Hope to see you

in the dictionary.

Yours till you catch peace

and call me.

C.J. Prince


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First meeting of the Orange Cat Society (OCS)

One report of the mysterious, illusive Orange Cat Society.


About 6 months ago I moved into a trailer park where I and my furry faced friends could live together in relative comfort.  Up until this last move I had been unaware of the Orange Cat Society and its many benefits.  At first, during the initial settling-in, I continued in my ignorance, but I was soon to be made aware.

I was introduced to the Ambassador of the OCS on a quiet afternoon.  I was enjoying the fine weather when I noticed a large orange tomcat sitting on the ramp up to my front door.  Once I had noticed him I became concerned about his appearance; he was some what scruffy in appearance.  He was very aloof.  I have enjoyed the company of orange cats throughout my life to I was able to recognize the importance of the Ambassador and encouraged an opening dialogue.

I realized that refreshments were called…

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Home Baked: Hashish Allergy



The first time, the only time,

I ate Alice B. Toklas brownies,

I floated to the floor

in his parent’s house.

Three days, memory numb.

No, I’m fine, I mumbled.

His pharmacist father knew better.

I no long accept every offer.

C.J. Prince


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