Hands Pull Together




Left over right,

not too tight.

Hands strong.

Together we weave

our rope.

Let us tether the present

to the future,

feet firmly on the safety

of the past.

We are responsible

for Peace.

C.J. Prince


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Resister or Resistor?

Words and spelling catch my eye.  What am I?  What words do I use to express current feelings and explorations?  I see the word “resistor” on social media and it looks wrong.  I went to several dictionaries.


noun, Electricity.
1.  a device designed to introduce resistance into an electric circuit.


listed as the noun for “resist.”
1. to strive to fend off or offset the actions, effects or force of
2.  to remain firm against the actions, effects of for of; withstand
3.  to keep keep from giving in to or enjoying; to offer resistance.  synonym:  oppose


What are you?

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Soul of the Northwest

BigLeaf maple


Big leaf maple,  Acer macrophyllum,

leaves shine sugar coated.

Alive in a hundred shades of green,

I am the Northwest, soul of the planet.

Catch a raindrop.

Tip your chin up.

Drink sky water.

Splash into the lake.

Mystery lies in downward clouds.

Wait for the midnight owl.

C.J. Prince

Copyright 2016


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The Dependability of Geese


Get your ducks in a row, she said.

I’d rather gather a gaggle of geese,

snow white bellies settling

on Skagit flatland.

My ducks scatter.

I depend on geese in rotating

formation.  My turn,

your turn.

As above, so below.

C.J. Prince


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She opens her hand

catching sunlight.

The lines of her palm—

life, love and fortune—

different than the day



Star patterns change,

Water ripples change.

Now changes in her heart.

A gate opens for peace.

C.J. Prince


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If She Does Not See you, Do You See Her?


If She Does Not See you, Do You See Her?

The woman in the mirror

is not trapped

in the looking glass.

The pond, still as a gravestone,

does not reveal her  reflection.

C.J. Prince


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