Just Now

Be here now, Ram Das said.

My license plate holder reads:  “I’d Rather Be Here Now.”

John Muir said to saunter.

Sometimes when I am so in that moment, in the now-ness of it all, that there is only a slash of sunshine and deep woods, I forget to take pictures, photo potential in my pocket, the convenience of a cell phone and not the heavy long lens that hung around my neck for years.

Thus today, a stellar day, a collection of now, as I walked a kinko through Whatcom Falls Park as part of the Haiku Society of America Northwest Regional gathering.  The joy of seeing old friends, of being with poets with nutmeg cookies in the sky words, leaving me wordless and smiling.  I am so blessed by those I know.

Thank you all.



Valley Writers

Valley Writers meets the last Friday of the month at South Whatcom Library, 10 Barn View, Bellingham, Washington, 1:00-3:00 p.m.  We write from prompts.  If you can banish your inner critic and leave them at home, join us for word play and laughter.

When did you learn to type?  Did it give you freedom?  Here’s a classic.


attention fishers — The Poetry Department . . . aka The Boynton Blog

FisherPoets-on-Bellingham-Bay will return on Saturday, September 21, 2019, as part of SeaFeast. This year’s program, in addition to poetry, stories, and spoken-word performance, will include maritime films. The organizers are currently accepting submissions for both the film portion (deadline July 31) and the poetry portion (deadline August 15). If you are at home on the […]

via attention fishers — The Poetry Department . . . aka The Boynton Blog

Valley Writers

Last Friday of the Month, join us

19396963_10154852543582956_7501151284924251626_nSouth Whatcom Library                   Third Friday of the month, 1:00-3:00 p.m.   Bring your quill or computer, leave the Inner Critic at home under the bed counting dust bunnies.

For a warm up, look at this picture.  Sense the feel and begin to walk down this road.  What do you see, hear, taste, remember, touch, and smell.  Write for ten minutes without stopping and see where you are.

Serenity for Solstice

The days roll out from the sun, melting away memories of winter and spring.  Ra invites you find peace and serenity, no matter the season.  We approach the longest day and celebrations gather people to joy.  Gratitude to Kephera, the ancient time keeper, who brings the Sun to us each day.


How Long Does It Take to Create a Chapbook?

Not much of a title because there is no answer.  You just notice it is almost two years since your last chapbook.  Five ideas are buried on your laptop, five chapbooks waiting patiently for focus.  So, you decide to ignore them a bit longer.

No, I am not suffering from writer’s block–or chapbook completion.  OK, maybe a bit of the latter.  Some recent turn of the moon opened my eyes, or my mind.  A mini-chapbook.  Perfect summer project.  Have I mentioned my summer challenges lately?  It boils down to sun and heat.   I need to talk to my publisher.  That might be first.

Instead, I decide the cover art should be first.  (Wait until you see the awesome cover art for “Chaos & Peace”, coming soon after I complete this project.  “Soon” being one of those undefinable words that floats forward, allowing breathing time.)

The chapbook is “Blonde Noir”, a single poem I wrote in 2013 and have revised and performed and edited and played with.  More about the poem later.  My focus is on the cover art.  Here are some of the rejected pieces I’ve drawn lately.

thumbnailYes, she’s scared. 1940s-ish.  But she’s more complex than that.

thumbnail (2)

Perhaps she’s conning or cunning.  Breathless and afraid.

thumbnail (1)

She does wear pearls but she is not this self assured.

Stay tuned.  I may actually tell you how long a chapbook takes by summer’s end.

C.J. Prince

Greetings, Night People

Playing with wordpress and never able to get it all together, like single space.  Perhaps direct writing does it.  Did it?

I haven’t seen the moon for a few nights but I know the slugs are having a party.  The sweet mist that tends the garden settles my daylight brain.

What are you getting ready for?  I’m getting ready to write more poetry, to organize poetry for publication and maybe do the dishes.

For the nonce, the dog wants a sniff at the night air while I see if the clouds part to find  the big dipper.