Double Trouble



Three stir the cauldron

but two tell the fortune.


Spin your skirts of voile,

hip-coins jingle.

You did not ask for two.

Nor one.  Just a fortune


to play the day away.

Good or bad, unknown.


Thus comes double Gemini

appearing as four on crutches.


Perhaps it was the crystals

hanging before your eyes.


Perhaps you escape

the magician, another one.


When you double the twins,

you don’t know about the Pisces moon.


Double twice plus once again

and he looks like six.


Ask a question.

He will finally settle on one—


or two.  Do not second guess.

If the gypsy saw you mated,


she saw a far distance

you could not see.


Don’t look for anything,

No numbers or numerology.


Let the golden thread

at your crown guide you.


The single must be whole

before doubled.

C.J. Prince