Buttercup twirls her indigo and carmine frock,

then red-robin minces down to the creek bed.

Her lion’s mane shines

like a persimmon.

Squatting she snaps fiddleheads

for a sumptuous, gourmet dinner.

A bobcat up the cliff freezes

and the forest stops.

Alert, she jerks up her chin.

He’s a buffalo-steak trudging the creek bed.

She stands with pearl oyster teeth

and the gaze of a snow leopard.

C.J. Prince


One comment

  1. susanissima · April 7, 2016

    Love how you captured the natural moment here, Cj, and also strange because I have just poems on the koru (silver fern coil) and also the snow leopard, and referenced a lion’s mane in another. Are we on the same wave length or what! Love especially “a bobcat up the cliff freezes/ and the forest stops.” I could hear the silence.

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