zodiac signs on parchment

A traditional holiday table,

you might think,

with lights higgledy piggelty

on the front porch

and a bare Christmas tree

because the five year old cat

is still a kitten.


Grandparents, both children,

one grandson, one great grandson.

Two vegans, one low glycemic,

one vegetarian and an omnivore.

Three teetotalers, a wine epicurean,

a margarita aficionado,

plus the six year old.


One dying, one with a headache,

two bike riders,

one child with more energy

than five adults.


No presents.  Who has money

for obligation?  Santa filled stockings.

One atheist, no two. One pondering.

One pagan.  Two Scorpio ascendants,

a double Cancer, a double Gemini,

the Aquarian and grandmother Capricorn.




C.J. Prince