Point of View

great white sharks

Point of View


Bare feet on mossy gang plank.

Sharks chomp below,

thousands of teeth

wait for the push.

Quartermaster of the Universe speaks:

Change places.

Mouth wide, I am shark,

no tongue long enough

to lick over razor teeth,

ravenous for the morsel

above.  Come to me.

Change places.

I will push the scientific

proof against your spine.

You will drop the cloak of denial.

Turn now.  Face me.

You are not yet a shark snack.

Come with me.

Change places.

I am the ocean, immense,

absorbing all things,

cleansing, transmuting.

I flow with the moon,

accept what is tossed.

You are welcome here.

Change places.


Observe.  Accept.

Everything changes.

~C.J. Prince



  1. splawswriter · April 23, 2015

    CJ- this poem moved me, it really did, especially this part “Change places./ I am the ocean, immense,/ absorbing all things,” and this line “I will push the scientific proof against your spine.”
    thank you for sharing your words.

  2. susanissima · April 23, 2015

    Hard for me to relax into this well-crafted poem…I’ve had a shark thing ever since I saw what one did to Bethany Hamilton on Kauai. Still, point well taken. Wondering what inspired this one.

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