A Dialogue Between Inner Self & Oversoul

self and oversoul

A Dialogue Between Inner Self & Oversoul

     After William Butler Yeats


My Oversoul, I summon you now at pyramid’s peak;

Above me, I perceive, yet in my very marrow,

Why do I await the Owl’s call, to catch your starlit voice?

I plunge through horizontal labyrinths of each day, neglecting our oneness.

In the darkness, I feel your Light never wandering.

My dearest Inner Self, one of many, as you know, unique as freckles on your flesh,

No severing occurs when your mind strays;

You cannot rend the golden thread that flows between thee and me.

Follow the Green Man through flowers and forest, centuries

of incarnations.  With every arcana you turn,

I am there, in the Druid circle, in every stone you hold.

Wear silken embroidery or torn peasant’s clothing,

But fear not.  It is a journey.  Your choice.  My presence.

~C.J. Prince


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