Digital Dating

CJ and Hamilton

Digital Dating

The first time I saw you, you tossed your net.

It was your eyes, staring out at me

from the computer screen, telling me

I’m the one.  I wasn’t certain.

It’s just pixels beating my heart faster.  What if it’s only

your good looks that grab me?  Or did we spend

past lives together?  That’s how much I wanted you

in my arms, to feel the heat of your body against

my breast, to devote my life to your well-being.

Can you be co-dependent with beauty?

All your information, your sad background

of life in alleys, hunted, haunted, lean

almost dying.  The capture.  And  your

aloofness.  Were you lonely?  We would

meet no matter.  If we sniffed and disliked,

if we argued and hissed, then it would not be.

We rendezvoused  but not with your peers.

Just the two of us, supervised, of course.

Would I make the commitment

to touch the swirl of marmalade hair,

to honor the command of your voice, the embrace

that matches no other.  This is not madness,

I claim to those would disdain a new

relationship at my age.  It does not matter.

You are young and I am old.  We are perfect.

I will live longer on your devotion.  We knew

in that first glance of eye, the first touch.

Did others watch? I know not.

I closed my eyes, felt us be.

I waited for the confirmation.

And then the deep roar of your purr

in my ear, your tail around my neck.

To those in doubt,

fear not.  You can fall in love

on line.

C.J. Prince