Visual Annual Exam

Today’s prompt:  Today, I challenge you to write a visual poem. If that’s not specific enough, perhaps you can try your hand at a calligram? That’s a poem or other text in which the words are arranged into a specific shape or image. You might find inspiration in the famous calligrams written by Guillaume Apollinaire. And a word to the wise — the best way to cope with today’s exercise may well be to abandon your keyboard, and sit down with paper and pen (and maybe crayons or colored pencils or markers!)

I thought I’d need help with this, computer help from one of the family experts.  Instead I played and this is what happened.  Let’s see if I can not load it here where the lines are always altered and I can’t figure out how to amend unless I sit with Laurel Leigh or Lish Jamtass.  (I actually wanted to eliminate the grid but haven’t figured that out either.  However, it is interesting this way.)  Drat.  The art did not transfer.

Visual Annual Exam

What day is it The doctor asks A test
Day of week Month Year
Like a year Means Anything
Except How many More
Years or months Or day And then
She asks The mental Acuity test
Remember These Three items
Tree Ball Chair
She Says Which
Are the Last words I say to her
Instead of Goodbye I
Can Still Touch
My Toes And
Practice Tai Chi
Does It Matter
My Matter When
Yours Is Eaten
By Leiomyosarcoma ?

~C.J. Prince

Copyright 2015