Orion Guards the Portal

The prompt for today was relatively simple:  and write a poem about the stars.

Here is my quasi-location poem about Orion.

orion-picture orion

Orion Guards the Portal

You ask how to get to heaven.

It all depends on where you are.

Drive south on Parker Road,

you know the one

they used to call “the death highway.”

When you hit the light in Franktown,

there, where two lanes from Castle Rock

form the crossroad from the west,

you take a deep breath.

On the green light, hang a left.

As you head up the hill through ponderosas,

look up.  You’ll see the Sky Guardian.

Ancients called him the Light of Heaven.

Orion opens the portal

as you drive toward Colorado’s Outback

where yucca and rabbit brush claim the earth,

where little arroyos of secrets hide,

and foundation stones of ghost towns

withhold stories long forgotten.

Now, I walk down my driveway at midnight,

and look up.  His belt shimmers

as if I’d just polished it.

Now he guards me between cedar and fir.

~C.J. Prince

© 2015

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