Corvidae Walkabout

carnelian moon

Corvidae Walkabout

No raven dives deep to raid

a mermaid’s treasure chest.

Ravens in water, dead in buckets.

A raven will not be appointed

Secretary of State, even

when one exceeds whale

or ape IQ when they speak truth.

No nomination passes Congress

for the potential murder.

Ravens help garbage men,

football players, flag pole sitters

and biscuit eaters.

Ravens do not blow dandelion

puffs for good luck.

Raven manipulates talons,

devises  tools and toys

but cannot spin.

A true omnivore, raven invites

wolf and fox to take down prey,

then dives in for tidy cleanup.

‘T’was not a raven plagued Macbeth.

Long wings of black

play the skies, glide and tease.

At dusk, they settle in twos

or dozens, silencing squawks

while owls take the night.

Ravens protect women

who travel alone.

~C.J. Prince