Out of This World

divine intuitive healing

Out of this world.  What does it mean?

Up to the pock-marked ozone layer?

Perhaps stretching my fingers to Mars?

Out on a limb and I fall up?

Out of this world:  a sign on the door

proclaiming “I am not available.

I’m out of this world.”

Out like a light.

Outside the world, in her own world.

Out–the disconnect from this world.

World as a globe or just the third planet.

The World of Venus.

The implication of gender.

Out of this world like icing on a cake.

Out of this world and into another.

In this world.  Inside.

A tunnel to the inner world.

A trip to the center of the earth.

First you must endure Antarctica,

find that passage that Byrd wrote about,

the passage to the inner planet.

Is anyone exploring that?

NASA is out of this world.

Maybe the NSA will find the hidden, inner secret.

-C.J. Prince