When We Get the Giggles


laughter wells up, uninhibited.

I couldn’t giggle in kindergarten

where shyness blocked spontaneity.

But somewhere in the decades to follow

I learned the difference between giggles,

guffaws and belly laughs.

Giggles reduce me to tears sometimes,

rarely shed tears.

Dry tears, wet laughter.

Friends who laugh for the joy of being,

together at last.

How have I lived without you?

Maybe I never did.

A blank in the mosaic of my life fills.

Giggles tickle my nose, fill my ears,

expand into my aura with goodwill.

My soul smiles.

C.J. Prince


One comment

  1. Enid Segal · December 23, 2014

    CJ, this hit my very core.You know me.
    So beautifully expressed
    So richly understood
    This is me
    Thank you for never failing us

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