What do you See through Your Mask? 4/27/14

NaPoWriMo PROMPT:  And now for our prompt! Our early-bird prompt this year (on March 31) was an ekphrastic poem. This is something similar — a poem written from a photograph. There are four below, one of which I hope will catch your fancy. But if you’ve a particular photo in mind that you’d like to use, go right ahead. Happy writing!



What do you see through Your Mask?

It does’t look like a haunted house.

The bunny statue peeks

o’er varigated leaves, innocent

as the field pumpkin;  flowers

bloom in the well trimmed garden.


A seated skelton is only a prop, a seasonal

gag collecting dust in the closet

eleven months of the year, now

not even scaring kids

who trick or treat

to gobble candy

that will make them bones

before their day.


This neighborhood house

seems safe and warm,

not a place where walls tremble

or a single book falls

from a tightly wedged shelf,

not a haunted house.

Beware what looks safe,

My pretties.


C.J. Prince