Twilight, Padden Creek Estuary

Andrew Shattuck McBride, Writer's Blog

Remnants of this day’s light
draw me toward the estuary.

Low tide, and mudflats cradling
the creek glisten. The waxing moon

is already high in the eastern sky,
casting moonlight. At twilight

Padden Creek is a curving arc
of light. Dusk envelops the east,

grows. I recite the peace prayer
Qué la paz prevalezca en la tierra

May peace prevail on earth.
I step to the railing, flush

a Great Blue Heron from its meal-
time vigil, instantly regret

that my quest for peace has disturbed
the heron’s need for stillness

and peace in fulfilling its hunger.
I interrogate my wishes for peace,

my emerging watchfulness:
can I allow my wishes to disturb

other creatures? Can I learn
a less intrusive watchfulness?

I watch the heron fly north,
marvel at its wingspan, wonder

when it will return to its nest,
if hunger will now limn this night.


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