Once a Year Offer 10 APRIL 2014

NaPoWriMo PROMPT:  Our own prompt for today should be a little simpler. (As always, the prompts are optional). Once upon a time, poetry was regularly used in advertisements, most notably the Burma-Shave ads:

Said Farmer Brown
Who’s bald on top
“Wish I could
Rotate the crop”

Okay, so the cutsie rhyming turned out to be a disaster.  Instead, I chose to think of a TV commercial advising you to dash to the doctor for X, Y, or Z medication as my inspiration.





If you have symptoms of depression,

if you shout obscenities at the flat screen,

if you know something is missing in your life

and you sneeze in spring,

here is the secret cure, offered only

once a year, so reach out, dare

to click off the remote, open wide

your eyes, and read a poetry book.

Poetry may soothe your nerves,

improve sleep patterns, increase

energy. Not recommended by all

doctors.  May cause addiction,

may open new friendships,

may take you across the border

to a place you don’t know.

Check with your librarian before

a random selection.


C.J. Prince



About cjprinceauthor

I write. I read. I write and read...I listen to raindrops on begonias, talk to ravens, dance with dragons. I practice Tai Chi in a barn, I sleep with earth stones and tarot cards. I celebrate each day. Join me!
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