APRIL 2nd: Freyja at Dusk

Today’s prompt:   …today I challenge you to write a poem based on a non-Greco-Roman myth. You could write a poem inspired by Norse mythology, or perhaps by one of these creatures from Japanese legend. Every time and place and culture has its myths and legends, so there’s plenty to choose from. 

I write of Freyja, of whom I long have followed.  And not just for her cats.


Freyja at Dusk


We slip into the shadows,

the big cats and I.

Those who pass see us not

for we shapeshift and slither

like a lake breeze.


I press my hand o’er the boar’s snout

lest he protest my departure.

For leave I must to ride starward

in the dark of the moon,

the safe place for woman to see

the scope of the warrioress’ territory.


I fasten my fine cloak of falcon feathers,

snug about my shoulders,

offerings from the winged ones I train

to do my bidding.

Tonight we must look into the far future,

the place where they will deny me,

where my name will mean less

than a mouse scuttling in the rushes.


                                                C.J. Prince


One comment

  1. susanissima · April 2, 2014

    Love your poem Cj! We both wrote about strong women. Here’s mine: http://stilllifewithtortillas.com/2014/04/02/la-llorona/

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