MOVIE REVIEW: The Lone Ranger, A Comedy?

Get out of the heat.  Go to a movie.

The Lone Ranger (2013) Poster

My husband and I have 180 interests in flicks.  So, we go through the listing in the Bellingham Herald.  Yes. No.  No. Yes.  And so on.  Finally I say, “Okay, I’ll go see “The Lone Ranger.”  I mean I remember it on the radio, and then black and white films.  So, it’s a bit of Americana.  And engages his shoot-’em-up desire for entertainment.  (I really wanted to see “We Steal Secrets” The Story of Wikipedia” but he’s not much into documentaries.)

So, The Lone Ranger.

Is it too long?  YES.

Is it well edited?  YES.  (That saves the movie, really.)

Should it have been called “Tonto”?  YES.

Is it full of sight gags and mugging?  YES.

Did it even rip off a Monty Python reference?  YES.  (If you’re a Monty Python fan, you’ll get it in an instant.  If not, you might take a snooze because it’s quick.)  This is not a spoiler.

Did I question the casting?  YES.  Then I looked up Johnny Depp’s heritage and he does claim Cherokee or Creek lineage.  The Lone Ranger casting does not fit my collection of images or character.  Oh, well.  Keep your mask on.  You’ll pass.

An action comedy.  WITH VIOLENCE.  (That’s where I close my eyes.)

Two and a half hours.  It was cool, though.  The temperature in the movie.  I wore my sweater.

I must remember that Johnny Depp produced it.  Even so, I’m kinda a fan of his quirky characters and this one lines up well.  However, there is direct mugging.  Oh, please.

A guy in a big white hat.  And the device of storytelling is a kid in a museum.  A beautiful brown eyed lad in a mask.  But it doesn’t follow through because the “real” Lone Ranger does not have those huge brown eyes, which might have been a nice cross fade.

Do I recommend it?  Sure.  It’s summer fun.  Don’t expect too much.  Go on a hot day.  Have fun with an American icon.

And here’s a link to a “real” review:  (haven’t read it yet.  Wanted to write mine first.)

One comment

  1. susanissima · July 15, 2013

    Thanks for the review, Cj. R and I haven’t been to a movie in ages and you made it sound fun, especially the Python part. (Do they ride fake horses? I’d love that!) Even if it sucked, I’d probably go just to gaze upon the former E. Scissorhands.

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