Top 10 List of Advice For Aspiring Writers

We love lists of what to do. Do you ever follow a list? Get inspired by a plan?

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Author Jody Hedlund wrote a fantastic article for aspiring writers: “Beginning novelists often struggle to know how to start a writing career and end up feeling overwhelmed.  There are some basic steps that can make the process more successful.”

Here’s Jody’s top advice to beginners:

1. With the first book, let your creativity have free reign.
2. Finish a book.
3. Study basic fiction-writing techniques.
4. Then write a couple more books.
5. Find a critique partner/group.
6. Enter a writing contest.
Read her full article on where she explains the reasons behind her advice and her own experiences.
Jody Hedlund’s conclusion: “We never “make it.” We’re never finished learning and growing. We should never stop with one book, while we wait to hear from agents and publishers. We need to write the next and challenge ourselves to make it better than…

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