One more day to go.  NaPoWriMo prompt for today is to include words from another language at least five times in a poem.  I decided on two:  Yiddish and Spanish.  Perhaps misused but ever so fun to play.  This is what wrote itself.


Whatever Will Be, Will Be

Castanets dance in his hairy ears,

inveigle him to go where he would not.

He steps into the tavern darkness,

a world unknown, a magnet

to his wounded heart.  His eyes

adjust, focus on the bright stage.


She whirls, her taffeta skirts fly,

heels click, castanets

match his heartbeat.

Someone serves him a drink.

He drops his bundle of tsuris

like laundry and looks up.


She dances down the aisles,

twirls, skirts unfurl,

teasing and stops in front of him,

dark eyes flash.

He can smell her and his body

does what it has never done before.

It betrays his desire.


She laughs, clicks castanets

around his pounding ears,

leans down to whisper

magic words

¡Te amo!    


Oy vey.  He wants to touch—

just one finger to hers—

but she is gone,

on stage again.

He could plotz.

Vei is mir,

he mutters into his drink.


He’s lost in the rowdy noise,

the fantasy challenges the bundle

tugging at his conscience.

The whole place is traif.

What is he doing here?

He’s meshugeneh.

She’s a shiksa.

He should shlep his bundle

out the door into the bitter night.


Mi corazón.

Her voice is a cloud.

She slides into the chair next to him,

in street clothes now.

His heart races

as her finger twines his earlock,

his peyos


Te necesito.  Rose petal words

he doesn’t understand.

He nods an almost smile.

Shpilkes subsides.

Estoy enamorada!  Her lips move

close to his ear.


Let the snow blow,

and the music roar.

Vos vet zein, zein vet.

 Copyright 2013

C.J. Prince