NaPoWriMo is headed into the final stretch but the prompts keep coming.  Today’s inspiration comes with color.  Or in this case, without it.








Black as midnight

on the dark of the moon,

she wants to touch him

long after the owls go to bed.


Black as his iris huge with longing.

Black as the waves at night

on a lonely beach.


Black as a tourmaline tower

to flush the pain in her heart,

a black hole

imploding with his absence.


Black as half of yin yang.

Coal black smeared under her eyes,

kohl of an Egyptian goddess.


Black like Tibetan tektite

igniting, unifying

heaven and earth.


Black sand clings to their feet

walking starlit beaches

to lie under rolling black clouds.


Black nail lacquer

pulls him to her dark regions,

to the intimacy he’ll want to forget.


Blackest moment when Neptune

takes her to the final darkness.

Black as the void.


Black is what you wear to funerals.

Copyright 2013

C.J. Prince