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What Does She See?


Her mother’s words rise up

like dandelions in spring,



Hack, whack or mow them down

and still they rise again.

You must suffer for beauty.


She wonders now

if she can even define

the details or the results.


She sees the little lines of life

become creases

and then crevices.


Mirror, mirror are you true?

What does suffering require?

A little gold chain


edging from ear to ear

tucked under,

 to hold up her double chin?


or a surgeons scalpel

to make her face a drum

so tight she can’t smile?


She wonders

if that’s what her mother meant.

What was her mother’s other expression?


Beauty is only skin deep.

 Copyright 2013

C.J. Prince



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Burning Bright


Night cat hunches spine,

pounces on oak table,

jumps to my pillow.

Tiger haunts my dreams,

Cell phone alarm meows.


Morning cat stretches, purrs.

Be cautious when calling

totem animals.




The witch lifts her staff at dusk,

shimmers as last light

glances off wood and metal.

She disappears like a contrail

in the wind,

a glamour of pentagram

fades into night.


Marmalade cat waits,

watches from the window.

He taught her well.


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Poem by C.J. Prince


World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

It starts in New Zealand.  10 AM and rolls around the world.  The energy, the chi magnifying, enhancing breath, harmony, unity, oneness, and peace.

10 AM in Sudden Valley we catch the breath of chi on a cool breeze off the lake.  Clouds hang heavy with rain.  Louis and Michael start a fire to warm us after Tai Chi practice.



Debi and John’s grandson Jay strikes the Japanese gong thrice.



We practice–even the spectators join, teens to eighties– Tai Chi 24 Form and Tai Chi 48 Form…and take shelter just as rain starts to fall.  It is our fifth year to gather and celebrate this worldwide celebration for peace through movement.


After a potluck of fabulous, chi-ful food, we drum under the guidance of Chrystal Lynne while the rain falls and the fire warms

Peace and gratitude to all.

Image.Gathering around the fire pit.