NASA NIght photo of Earth

Little Blue Ball


Earth Day 1970.  San Bernardino.

1971 First recycling meeting,

Valley of Enchantment.

Earth Day, hippie heaven


folding into mass culture.

Decades of parades and celebrations,

articles and consciousness evolving.

Small Azure Planet, third orb from the sun.


Earth Day 2013.  Bellingham.

We sit at the dining table and write

love poems to Our Mother.

She gives us obsidian.


To Boston, I send Aconite 50 M

and standing stones of black tourmaline

a circle around the city to cleanse,

support,  guide, and to release.


Mother Earth keeps on spinning,

her moon skirts unfurling.

Color returns to the garden.

Earth women wear fushia and chartreuse.


The celebration of the Spinning Turquoise Sphere,

in my eyes each day, in my heart,

each action, in my soul,

a blessing.

Copyright 2013

C.J. Prince