NaPoWriMo keeps the pump primed.  Day twenty, and still writing.  Yes, my novel suffers from total lack of attention but I’m having too much fun to do otherwise.

Today’s prompt is to select at least five words from a long list.  I randomly chose:  owl, abscond, squander, seaweed, curl, elusive, ghost, miraculous and quahog.

If you’re like me, you’ll be scratching your head over “quahog” (although Michael tells me it’s a town in “Family Guy.”) A quahog is an edible clam.  So, there you have it.  Here is my poem.


Image Source: unknown


Gathering up his nets,

he does not see her

curled down in guahogs and seaweed.


Her illusive ghost self

shimmers over him.

Their auras merge,


hearts drum as one

in dawn’s faint light.

Later he only remembers


a yearning and then a loss.

He squanders time and money

to fill the empty pit within.


Days of winter fade

into a weary sleeplessness,

until owl speaks


his name just after midnight

when Beltane fires burn.

Dazed, his feet carry him


to the rocky shore,

a cove he does not remember.

Her being, sleek and wet,


rises from her shiney cloak,

the Selkie who absconded

with his heart.


His breath catches and she breathes

him anew, shapeshifting,

miraculous to the woman


who follows him to bed.

Copyright 2013

C.J. Prince

I could not resist

another poem prompted by NaPoWriMo yesterday, the prompt resting in the bed of a personal want ad.  Shakespeare came to mind.  What would a wench write?





WANTED: Swain with swagger,

a well bred champion to bedazzle

this maiden of 40 winters upon her

brow.  Do not tarry lest the brave

day sink into another horrid night. 

Forsake time passing.  Send

missive anon.


Copyright 2013

C.J. Prince