I give you:  Day 18   APRIL 18, 2013

The NaPoWriMo prompt for the day sends me into quandry.  Too many possibilities and I cannot write as the ideas stumble about my kitchen.  So, start with what was asked below and see what came calling at my fingertips.  A new poem for this day.

Hello, all. We’re really just rolling along, aren’t we? I can’t believe we’re now 18 days into NaPoWriMo.

Today’s featured link is the Library of Congress’ Poetry and Literature Center, which is celebrating its 75th Anniversary! Surf around the website and you’ll find webcasts, podcasts, interviews with poets, and a lot of great information about U.S. Poets Laureate.

Our featured participant’s blog for today is Taps and Ratamacues, where the poem for Day 16 is reminiscent of Lewis Carroll.

And now our (as always, optional) prompt! Today’s prompt comes to us from Cathy Evans, who challenges us to write a poem that begins and ends with the same word. You could try for something in media res, that begins and ends with “and,” for example. Or maybe “if.” Or perhaps you could really challenge yourself and begin/end your poem with a six-dollar word like “antidisestablishmentarianism.” (Just kidding!) Whatever word you choose, I hope you have fun with it!



Druidcraft Tarot  Nine of Pentacles

Nines fall from inside pockets.

Look at me.

Birds flutter,  promise my future

with pentacles in their beaks.


Catkins twirl on maple trees

as I unhood my hawk,

my right arm steady,  strong

under leather gauntlet.


You may perceive me as innocent

in my Celtic embroidered bodice.

I will own mutable

but do not be deceived.


I walk this physical realm,

know this world of yours.

I can protect myself.

When I unleash my bird,

he does my bidding.


Be aware.

My solitude is found

in Nines.

Copyright 2013

C.J. Prince