Today’s prompt is very intriguing and will take more time than I could squeeze from the clock.  However, I took a Poetry Workshop from Betty Scott this afternoon at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship and scooped up this tidbit for today’s entry.



I Found You

I look under the night stand

for my missing nose ring

but when I hear you,


 I ignore your soft voice,

do not catch the nuance

until you scream,


shrill slice like knife.

I rush to the window.

Your black spine arches,


a stranger in daffodils.

I run hard, bare feet snag carpet fringe,

open door, step out on deck—


and freeze—

not wanting to scare you,

I see your fear, hear your


black cat yowl growl howl.

My breath halts.

Brown bear pauses on garden path.


My heartbeat will surely alert Ursus

but I ease down the steps,

slip off my robe.


Feline yowls  again at bear.

I unfurl the blue chenille,

scoop up an armload of frantic beast,


run up stairs,

through door, slam, lock.

Set down my capture,


collapse next to the squalling

heap of fur.

O, black cat of my dreams,


I found you.

You saved me from bear.

C.J. Prince