Poem Eight



Re-Writing Ourselves


We want no heroes,

here where Meyer lemons

hang like Chinese lanterns

outside the kitchen window.

At the round table, we ramble back

to kindergarten.

Memories of what was, unremembered.

One black cat hides under a quilt.

Heroines unto ourselves, we laugh.

Copyright 2013

C.J. Prince


While traveling, I was unable to upload poems but I did keep writing.  So, join me in this assignment of writing declarative sentences with a question at the end.  (The prompts from NaPoWriMo are engaging, fun and take me on a totally different poetic path!)


C.J. Prince

I Lose you in a Shadow of Trees


There’s no dealing with you.

The lake trail is one point two miles.

Your secrets are covered in sugar.

The population of Bellingham is 81,862.

Your truth  lies in an FBI file.

There are rocks in the clouds.

   Will you forgive me?

Copyright  2013

C.J. Prince