Cinco de Aprilo…well, here is the prompt from NaPoWriMo:   A cinquain is a poem that employs stanzas with five lines. Each line has a certain number of accented or stressed syllables, and a certain number of overall syllables per line. In the “American” cinquain, a form invented by a woman with the highly unfortunate name of Adelaide Crapsey, the number of stresses per line is 1-2-3-4-1, and the number of syllables is 2-4-6-8-2. So the first line would have two syllables, one stressed and one unstressed. The second line would have four syllables, two of which are stressed, and so on. This kind of accent/syllabic verse can be a bit frustrating at first, but it’s useful for learning to sharpen up your language!

Well, if you knew what my days/nights were like, you’d know I do not have time to futz with language so.  However, it is about the poem and this one came from an earlier prompt.  Enjoy!


Image Source: unknown


She walks in beauty, like the night,

light, never stumbling

on the long cochineal  oriental rug.

Steps over the ginger cat,

intent upon the call of owl.

She slides the glass door.


Bare feet step on chilled, mossy boards.

Her eyes search the cedar peaks,

black spikes on dark and then again,

the hoot.  She tips her head,

calls back, hoo-h’HOO–hoo-hoo.

No nightmares in the forest midnight.

C.J. Prince



About cjprinceauthor

I write. I read. I write and read...I listen to raindrops on begonias, talk to ravens, dance with dragons. I practice Tai Chi in a barn, I sleep with earth stones and tarot cards. I celebrate each day. Join me!
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