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Best Book 2012

I’m proud to announce that The Tarot of the Magicians by Oswald Wirth (RedWheel/Weiser), with an extensive introduction by me, won the Award for the Best Book of 2012 from TarotProfessionals. This is a classic work by one of the great French occultists of the late 19th and early 20th century that should be read and re-read by all serious Tarot students. The book also contains the first reproduction of Wirth’s original 1889 Tarot (only 350 produced), on fine card stock—ready to be cut out and used. If you get only one tarot book in 2013, it should be this. Please share your impressions of this outstanding book.

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Question: Regarding Fonts

I am a font freak.  I like cool, funky fonts, lovely old manuscript fonts.  Garamond, for an upgrade from Times New Roman, makes me smile as does Baskerville Old Face.  (Do I imagine the hounds of the Baskervilles trouncing down a narrow forest path?)


Lucida Handwriting is a great I-wrote-it-myself font.  As if my handwriting were that tidy.  Still, I love the gracious flow of it.


My new computer’s default is Calibri, a very simple, tight, persnickety little font that I tended to delete every time it poked its unembellished little head up.  However, I’ve come to rather like how many words I can cram in a line and for poetry it works some kind of simple magic, allowing the word to create image, not the style of font.


So, here’s the question, in case you thought I’d gone off on a tangent…and I could…


Do you have a preferred font for a blog?

What is it?



I’d like this blog to be most user friendly and with your feedback I can improve it.


Thank you!!!


And now, for the photo of the day, taken on Lake Whatcom.


Village Books Writing Workshops this weekend!


Village Books in Fairhaven
Jump-Start Your New Year
Ready for a fresh start in 2013? 
Need help making your New Year’s resolutions? 
Join us for our annual “Resolutions” events–two days 
devoted to starting the year right. 
New Years Resolutions
From 11am-4pm, on the hour, we’ll feature local experts presenting mini-workshops on topics ranging from social investing, to clearing the clutter, to healthful living. Come to one workshop or several, and bring your questions, ideas, and a snack too. Participants will receive 10% off recommended Resolutions-related books, that day only. Click here for full details.
  • 11:00am: Carolyn Koehnline, “Clearing Clutter for a Creative New Year”
  • 12:00pm: Janet Ott, “Feeling Stuck? Six Keys to Changing Any Behavior in Your Life”
  • 1:00pm: Leanne Kramer, “A New Year to Love your Finances”
  • 2:00pm: Nancy Canyon, “Setting Intentions with Collage”
  • 3:00pm: Erica Quam and Kerry Gustafson, “Vision & Balance: From Intention to (Injury) Prevention” 
This will be an inspirational day devoted to starting the year off right in your WRITING life! From noon-5pm, on the hour, we’ll feature local writing experts who will present mini-workshops, from forming & feeding writing groups, to blogging, to self-publishing. Come for one workshop or several and bring questions, ideas, and snacks. Participants will receive 10% off recommended Resolutions for Writers-related books, that day only. No tickets or reservations needed. Click here for full details.

  • 12:00pm: “Journaling for the Writer” with Cami Ostman & Christina Claassen
  • 1:00pm: “Blogging for Writers” with Lindsey McGuirk, Tele Aadsen, Brendan Clark and Rachel Hanley
  • 2:00pm: “The Care and Feeding of Writing Groups” with Paul Hanson, Brandon Bryson, and Shannon Laws
  • 3:00pm: “Roadmap for Writing Your Novel This Year” with local Authors Laura Kalpakian, Janet Oakley, Jennifer Wilke and Nancy Adair
  • 4:00pm: “The Many Paths to Publishing: Self, Small & Traditional” with Paul Hanson, Sarah Martinez & Janet Oakley

No thanks, no resolutions, please.

Observe.  Accept.  Those are the two words I gleaned from my years as a Buddhist.

Observe myself.  Ah, hah.  Therein lies the challenge.  I see the flaw of mirror, the patterns backward, playing my Fool with false promises.

I know better than to follow the cow trail and slap down some highfalutin resolutions that will take me right into the bog of failure.

Instead, I consider carefully my intentions.  Dare I commit (yes, please note the difference between “intend” and “commit”), to blog more.  (Oh, heavens, I have a vast array of untended blogs out there mumbling on their own.  I only maintain two.)  And if I do blog more, what time will shift on the scale of my day?  How much of it will fall into the well of self indulgence?

Write more poetry?  I open my heart to the Muse but I cannot force her.  Whenever she comes, I drink her tea and take rapid notes, losing sometimes the very essence of some glimmering wisdom.  To that, there is not intention or commitment or resolution.  To the Muse, I listen as I must breathe to live.

Finish my novel.  Yes.  Ever onward my character takes me on her unexpected journey.  I’d say we’re about 85,000 words at present.  Time to wrap it up, eh?  Not until she has her say.  Then will come the hard work of revision, of endless re-writes.  I get smarter with each writing but always there is work to be done.  This novel writing is essential, walks parallel to poetry, will take me away from a conversation, wlll insist I make a note while driving, knocks on my dreamtime.  This is not resolution or even intention.  This is essential.

So, I consider a blank calendar, a whole year of possibility ahead.  However, there are very few blank days already in January.  I celebrate the connection with you and the opportunities that will unravel this year.

Bright blessings in all ways to your greatest and highest good.

Khepera pushs up the Sun this morning,

Rolls it right over Stewart Mountain,
Banishs mists.
Light blasts into the new year.


Andy’s writing always invites me to pause and consider, to see image, to feel feelings.

Andrew Shattuck McBride, Writer's Blog

and in smaller print

Thankfully, I can’t make out the last line.
As the train with enclosed cars comes
and goes, I’m smiling. Good to know.
[Beware the smaller print, but read it.]

I walk, seeking clarity, fresh air, the cedars
and firs arrowing up the brittle pale blue sky.
It’s cold, and now I’m smiling even though
my face hurts. [Even my eyeballs hurt.]

The last sunset of 2012 is not the last sunset. Birds
stir and call, piercing the crisp cold air. Puffs
of wind are frigid. What is stirring, awakening
us even now to surprise? [What’s next?]

Low piles of clouds cover all but the peak
of Mount Constitution on Orcas Island beyond
the bay. Even as I watch, the peak is shrouded
too by a reef of clouds…

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