Village Books Writing Workshops this weekend!


Village Books in Fairhaven
Jump-Start Your New Year
Ready for a fresh start in 2013? 
Need help making your New Year’s resolutions? 
Join us for our annual “Resolutions” events–two days 
devoted to starting the year right. 
New Years Resolutions
From 11am-4pm, on the hour, we’ll feature local experts presenting mini-workshops on topics ranging from social investing, to clearing the clutter, to healthful living. Come to one workshop or several, and bring your questions, ideas, and a snack too. Participants will receive 10% off recommended Resolutions-related books, that day only. Click here for full details.
  • 11:00am: Carolyn Koehnline, “Clearing Clutter for a Creative New Year”
  • 12:00pm: Janet Ott, “Feeling Stuck? Six Keys to Changing Any Behavior in Your Life”
  • 1:00pm: Leanne Kramer, “A New Year to Love your Finances”
  • 2:00pm: Nancy Canyon, “Setting Intentions with Collage”
  • 3:00pm: Erica Quam and Kerry Gustafson, “Vision & Balance: From Intention to (Injury) Prevention” 
This will be an inspirational day devoted to starting the year off right in your WRITING life! From noon-5pm, on the hour, we’ll feature local writing experts who will present mini-workshops, from forming & feeding writing groups, to blogging, to self-publishing. Come for one workshop or several and bring questions, ideas, and snacks. Participants will receive 10% off recommended Resolutions for Writers-related books, that day only. No tickets or reservations needed. Click here for full details.

  • 12:00pm: “Journaling for the Writer” with Cami Ostman & Christina Claassen
  • 1:00pm: “Blogging for Writers” with Lindsey McGuirk, Tele Aadsen, Brendan Clark and Rachel Hanley
  • 2:00pm: “The Care and Feeding of Writing Groups” with Paul Hanson, Brandon Bryson, and Shannon Laws
  • 3:00pm: “Roadmap for Writing Your Novel This Year” with local Authors Laura Kalpakian, Janet Oakley, Jennifer Wilke and Nancy Adair
  • 4:00pm: “The Many Paths to Publishing: Self, Small & Traditional” with Paul Hanson, Sarah Martinez & Janet Oakley