Tai Chi is not an Eight Week Class

Sudden Valley Tai Chi

Gather focus with Rin Gong Bowl



Chi comes sprinkling through the sycamore leaves, settling on blades of dewy grass.

Heaven meets Earth somewhere near my tantien.

Already heat stifles the barn where we usually practice.

Each day I make a split second decision.

Today we will practice outside.

Wind off the lake drives some students to the shade edges,

sunshine for shoulders.

I inhale the fresh breath of sky,

seek level footing in grass,

avoid pot holes.

We practice Tai Chi 108 form.

As we have before, as we do, as we will do again.

Students ask excellent questions.

Sometimes I have answers.

Always there is a joy of embracing this ancient art.

By midnight, I will practice again and listen for the call of Owl.