When Does Death Inhale Your Last Exhale?

Last night’s full moon exhaled into a misty morning…and Lor left his body.

A week ago I looked into his deep blue eyes and we smiled as I placed a Tibetan singing bowl in his left palm.  His right hand could not hold the wand, known by some as a striker.  It was the beginning of a seated Tai Chi class I teach in assisted living facility. 

Most of the residents delight in the vibration of the bowls.  They love to Drive the Monkey Back.  Only one objected to Snake Creeps Down.

The chi swirled around the room on the sound, shimmered with the movement and in that hour, we are all connected on that unexplainable level of oneness. 

And now there is only spirit and I send gratitude to his spirit, to his reconnection to the Chi Beyond the Physical. 

And I feel a loss.

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