Zumba: Before the Sweat Dries

“C.J., you’ve got to do it,” my friends say.

Zumba.  I don’t even bother to google what it actually is.  They all love it.  I even like the word zumba –it sound exotic and playful and certainly something I would like.

First there are scheduling problems.  Then there is the tweaked knee from belly dancing.  No time.  No white space on my calendar to add another activity.

Yesterday Beth said, “Come to Free Friday”.  I said okay.  And canceled what I usually do in that time slot.  Why not.  Try something new.

Patty is the teacher and we meet in front of the long mirror on the dance floor.  I have no time to observe my fumbling feet because my eyes are riveted on her grace and energy.  The music is loud and diverse and wonderful.  I’m laughing at myself and loving the dance and trying to stay aware of the left knee.  My friends know what they are doing but I don’t watch them either, just notice they go in the right direction all the time.

The sun blares through the windows, bounces off the polished wooden floors.  Patty gives excellent instructions and I think I’m following along.  Then a weird thing happens.  I get an ocular migraine, this pixilation of the left eye.  I have no time to pay attention to it and my feet.  These are random occurrences usually associated with light.  The effect will last from twenty minutes to over an hour.  It is gone before the class ends.

I love this class though I still can’t tell you what it really is.  A combination of dance styles and music and a good sweat!  I must figure out how to do this, to make room in my schedule.   The aerobic opportunity is full of laughter.  How good can it get?  Very good.

What did you try new today?


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