This is an excellent commentary on the value of reviews. If you’re a reader, you’re a reviewer.

Author JW Metcalf

I wanted to point out something that many people might not realize. If you ever buy a digital book any Author would appreciate you going back to the page where you bought it and write up a review. It could be one or two sentences. It doesn’t have to be a whole lot. Just a quick note telling what you liked or didn’t like and then click on the star rating you want to give the book.

The star rating and reviews are what moves a book in the Amazon ranking system. The same goes for Nook users as well over at Barnes and Noble.  The higher the ranking the more people will see it/hear about it, the better it will sell. Reviews are an Authors life’s blood. I know a bunch of people (i used to be guilty of this as well) that buy books, tell me it’s good/great/keep…

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