Remember father….


No one is all good or all bad.  Today is an invitation to call up that sweet memory that will shine and sparkle and clear the mind of all else.

Celebrate Father’s Day by acknowledging your own inner masculine and how you support yourself.

I remember the slant of the sun burning away coastal fog as my father set the tin can on a distant rock, taught me how to hold the 410 cradled into my shoulder and how to sight.  I was a good shot.

This is an excellent commentary on the value of reviews. If you’re a reader, you’re a reviewer.

Author JW Metcalf

I wanted to point out something that many people might not realize. If you ever buy a digital book any Author would appreciate you going back to the page where you bought it and write up a review. It could be one or two sentences. It doesn’t have to be a whole lot. Just a quick note telling what you liked or didn’t like and then click on the star rating you want to give the book.

The star rating and reviews are what moves a book in the Amazon ranking system. The same goes for Nook users as well over at Barnes and Noble.  The higher the ranking the more people will see it/hear about it, the better it will sell. Reviews are an Authors life’s blood. I know a bunch of people (i used to be guilty of this as well) that buy books, tell me it’s good/great/keep…

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