The illusion of speed and synchronicity and overlap with no time to breathe.  The computer knows best.  How often do you say that?  Never?  Umm hmmm.

But it is the computer now that stills me even as the sweet G# tone of the Japanese Rin Gong Bowl drifts past my ears.  The vibration of speed makes it impossible to meditate.  Life itself is the meditation.  Remembering to breathe into it, flow, embrace, observe, accept.  The tone continues reminding me not to be riled.

I’m reading the poetry of Emily Dickinson and “Jane Eyre” in my spare moments, writing mostly promo for the publication of “Catching My Breath”, the novel finally published and the blink of my eye when it went from Albatross to Hummingbird.  Time warp.  The business cards with the cover art arrive days before expected.  Amazon lists the book a week prior to that anticipated. 

I’m not even excited; just baby-stepping along in the rain and doing what comes next because it flies in my face.  Oh, yes, notice that.  Oh, yes, a press release is a good idea.  Oh, and sign up to read at Village Books and send out emails and …..

And the cat continues to disassemble the house and sleeps on the computer and purrs his magic into my belly so I know the promise of contentment.  Yes to this day as the laundry rumbles in the dryer and hyacinth fall down, rain drenched.  The organic produce driver stops to take a photo of my flower garden and it is barely abundant.  Maybe he takes a photo of the NO COAL protest sign…or the Kwan Yin.  The flowers continue to droop and do not resent the statues collecting moss.

This day be well and joyful…just for this moment.

Blessings brighter than the sun, sweeter than the moon, embracing as the call of owl at midnight.


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